Pakistan Cancels 48 Flights Due to Fuel Shortage – Details Inside

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the nation’s struggling national carrier, has been forced to cancel 48 flights, comprising domestic and international routes, due to a severe fuel shortage.

A PIA spokesperson informed The Dawn, a Pakistani news outlet, that these cancellations were prompted by a combination of factors, with limited fuel availability and operational challenges being the key reasons. Additionally, some flight departures were rescheduled to address these issues.

Among the affected flights, 13 domestic and 11 international routes were cancelled due to the fuel shortage, while 12 other flights faced delays.

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PIA ensured passengers of the cancelled flights were accommodated on alternative flights. To check the status of their flights, passengers were advised to contact PIA customer care, visit PIA offices, or consult their travel agents.

The airline has faced a series of cancellations, with 16 international and eight domestic flights being cancelled today (Wednesday).

The situation highlights the ongoing challenges PIA is encountering as it strives to maintain operational continuity amid a turbulent aviation landscape.

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