Painting 100 Crore Indian with same brush: The Print’s Founder Shekhar Gupta faces flak

Veteran Indian journalist and founder of The Print, Shekhar Gupta faced the flak of social media for his ‘Indians are the world’s worst passengers’ remark on Twitter. Notably, Mr. Gupta’s tweet came on the back of the Air India incident, where a man has been recently arrested, days after allegedly urinating on an elderly woman on New York-Delhi flight.

The unprecedented incident has become a matter of huge embarrassment for India’s Civil Aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, Ratan Tata-owned Air India and several stakeholders associated with the aviation industry.

While Delhi Police has arrested Shankar Mishra, Air India has banned him from flying for 30-days, Fells Wargo – employer of Mr. Mishra – fired him, DGCA has initiated internal investigation in the matter, the matter is far from over and everyday we hear or read responses from various stakeholders on the matter. Meanwhile, senior Indian journalist Shekhar Gupta shared an analytical video, featuring journalist and author Vir Sanghvi, with the title “How the Air India incident shows Indian passengers are the worst and what needs to be done.”

Although, Mr. Gupta didn’t voiced his opinion on the matter, and he only shared The Print’s video featuring Vir Sanghvi, netizens were not impressed with statestica-less opinion of Mr. Sanghvi and Mr. Gupta backing it on his digital media platform. Check out reactions.

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