Exclusive || Our plans at Panchayat level have started to materialise, expect similar trust from investors: Maytree School

Maytree School, has become a significant start-up in terms of educating and mentoring the young minds to set up their own businesses, in different parts of the country. An idea to help friends during their CBSE board exams inspired Rohit Kashyap, Co-founder of Maytree School to start ‘Call Pai Charcha’ with several kids in the locality.

Rohit’s idea worked well as he got over 350 plus calls in 45 days and that boosted the confidence of Rohit to put his best mind over the idea. After three years, Maytree School is set to enter colleges and reputed institutions to mentor the young minds of the country to prepare them for an entrepreneurship journey. Originated from Bihar, Maytree School has reached to the millions of aspirants who aims to convert their idea into a successful business. The Quotes, in a candid conversation, with Rohit Kashyap, Co-founder of Maytree School discussed about the inspiration, challenges and many more aspects of Maytree School.  

Maytree School has emerged as one of the leading start-ups which are mentoring young minds to establish a credible and profitable start-up. Kindly explain to our readers the objective and modus-operandi of Maytree School. 

Answer: Maytree School has always aimed to establish an ecosystem where we mentor young entrepreneurs and give them a platform so that they can effectively communicate with other established platforms to learn and attain guidance.

Our vision is now more refined and we are propelling our services in rural backgrounds by providing them education and imparting guidance in field of technology and business.

Maytree has mentored more than 1,200 students worldwide and incubated more than 50 revenue-generating start-ups, including MagTapp, AryaGoCab, and Bhavesh Pharmaceutical, to name a few. What was the most impactful start-up in recent times which was formulated after the mentorship of Maytree? 

Answer: We have imparted mentorships to emerging ventures. The most recent in that list are Magtapp and Cloudspital which our team has been immensely proud about since our mentorship has assisted them in establishing hold over their business much more rigidly and expanding their reach.

Utkarsh Mishra, COO (L) and Rohit Kashyap CEO & Co-founder (R)
Kindly let our readers and aspiring entrepreneurs understand the source of revenue of Maytree School. And where does the evaluation of Maytree School stand right now? 

Answer: The source of revenue is pretty straightforward and simple. Our present stature stands on the promise that we organise seminars across the country imparting our vision and expand our services by providing courses on respective technologies and business. As of now our major source of revenue has been earned through providing mentorship and guidance to evolving entrepreneurs which helps us to collaborate with other evolving ventures as well as fund our own operations.

Maytree is set to collaborate with the government to teach entrepreneurship at the panchayat level. What’s the update on it? Have you already collaborated with the government and started working at the Panchayat level?

Answer: Well, the plans are certainly bearing fruits now. We have designed our courses and after a certain period, the picture will become even more clearer. We have created and designed our programs in the rural portions of Bihar and have contacted Panchayats. Our plans have started to materialise, you will slowly get to know about our operations in upcoming times.

How had been government’s approach towards Maytree School been? What kind of help or assistance or collaboration you have had with the government till now? 
Maytree Family

Answer: We have received assistance from state governments. For instance, we organised seminars and worked in the remote regions of Chhattisgarh imparting our visions by uplifting and impacting rural villagers. We had a good talk with panchayat officials and advanced our plans by educating the people hailing from rural backgrounds by providing them much needed skills and making them aware about latest trends in technology, exquisite business ideas and public speaking courses to give these bright minds who are devoid of sources of knowledge so that they can change the course of their lives. We are proud to say that the assistance from state governments was worthy enough. We are now planning to expand our operations in other states as well.

What would be a final message for the investors and stakeholders of the industries from Maytree School? What are the new projects or something on which Maytree is working right now? 

Answer:  There is no final message but just evolving viewpoints. We are now branching and trying to establish our hold by working with state governments to set up a business with. We are evolving continuously and now making a new move by proposing new ideals of business. We will try to create a brand where we all organise various unorganised local businesses and mould them into success benefiting both the people and government. We are thankful to our investors who have given their due support without which nothing would have been possible. We expect the same trust in the future and we believe even better days are about to come.

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