Our growth slowed considerably: META ceo Mark Zukerberg fires 10,000 more workers

The layoff buzz is far from over and everyday major tech-giants announced their new set of layoffs, putting many in serious financial threat. In a fresh development, Meta has announced another round of layoffs in 2023.

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In its blog post, Meta announced its layoff news and apologised for its latest decision. Meta’s CEO Mark Zukerberg said that the restructurings and layoffs in tech groups will be done in late April, and the business group will be affected in May.

“Over the next couple of months, org leaders will announced restructuring plans focussed on flattening our orgs, caneling lower priority projects and reducing our hiring rates. With less hiring, I have made the difficult decision to further reduce the sized of our recruiting team,” Zukerberg said in an email sent to laid-off employees.

The company further revealed that the layoff process will continue until the end of the year because firing at different levels and regions will take time.

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“Last year was a humbling wake-up call. The world economy changed, competitive pressures grew, and our growth slowed considerably. We scaled back budgets, shrunk our real estates footprint and made the difficult decision to lay off 13 per cent our work force,” Zukerberg added.

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