Online Betting and Gambling is a No-Go Area: GoI Regulates Online Gaming Companies.

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The Government of India has decided to restrict betting and gambling on the outcomes of the online games and gaming companies are now required to register themselves with a self-regulatory body to avoid such practice.

Week after recognising esports in the country, the Government of India has released draft rules for online gaming companies which includes provisions for self-regulatory mechanism and players’ verification. The new IT rules issued in 2021 for social media platforms will cover online gaming companies.

“The rules regulate betting. It is basically a prohibition of wagering on any game, The Self-Regulatory Body will determine whether it is a permitted game or not. The online games that offer winnings, any game that allows wagering on the outcome is effectively a no-go area. If someone bets on the outcome of a game it is prohibited under 3(b) 10 of the IT rules,” Union minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar told news agency ANI.

The minister further claimed that rules for online gaming are likely to be finalised by early February. The notice stated that proposed rules are aimed at enabling the growth of the online gaming industry in a responsible manner.

“Self-regulatory bodies will be registered with the ministry and may register online games of such online gaming intermediaries who are its members and which meet certain criteria. Such bodies will also resolve complaints through a grievance redressal mechanism,” read the notice.

The Union Minister further ensured the Center’s job is to ensure safe and trusted functioning of the internet where online gaming intermediaries don’t allow wagering on the outcome of games.

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