Obnoxious, jealous, mean: Kangana Ranaut accuses Karan Johar for chasing Priyanka Chopra out of Bollywood

Hours after Priyanka Chopra revealed how she was cornered by a section of Bollywood and that led to her taking up projects in Hollywood, Kangana Ranaut launched scathing attack on Karan Johar and called the latter ‘movie mafia Cruella.’ 

While promoting her upcoming movie ‘Citadel’ on Armchair podcast, Priyanka said she had people not casting her in Bollywood projects and she felt cornered. 

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Reacting to Priyanka Chopra’s claims, Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘This is what Priyanka Chopra has to say about Bollywood people Ganges up on her, bullied her and chased her out of film industry.’

“A self made woman was made to leave India. Everyone knows Karan Johar had banned her,” she added. 

She further penned, ‘Media wrote extensively about her fall out with Karan Johar because of her friendship with SRK and movie mafia Cruella, who is always looking for vulnerable outsiders saw a perfect punching bag in PC.’

“This obnoxious, jealous, mean and toxic person should be held accountable for ruining the culture and environment of film Industry which was never hostile to outsiders In the days of AB or SRK. His gang and mafia PR should be raised and held accountable for harassing outsiders,” added Kangana Ranaut. 

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