No camp should rule it: Priyanka Chopra believes ‘casting in Bollywood should be based on merit’

Entertainment:  Global icon Priyanka Chopra, who is gearing up for her mega Prima Video series Citadel, is making lot of shock waves in Bollywood.

After revealing the reason behind moving West for more projects, critically acclaimed global super star has now suggested that casting in Bollywood should be based on merit, and not politics.

In an exclusive interaction with Indian Express, Priyanka Jonas Chopra claimed that Hindi film industry has changed so much in the last five to ten years.

“You have so many talents – writers, directors, actors that come from outside the industry. When I first started, that was not the case, at all. So, I think having conversation around the fact that the workplace should be merit based, that the workplace should be a positive environment, that casting should be a casting director’s job instead of the politics and the drama,” she said.

She further acknowledged the influx of outsiders in the Bollywood and claimed that it’s happening because her generation fought for it, ‘I am so excited to be able to see so many new faces from outside of the film industry and different parts of the country who have come in to mainstream Hindi language entertainment.’

“It gives me such a joy, to be able to see that in my own career. And that happened because my generation of actors fought for it,” she added.

Citadel features Priyanka Chopra as an elite spy Nadia Sinh opposite Game of Thrones star Richard Madden, who stars as Mason Kane in the series. It is produced by the Russo Brothers’ AGBO and showrunner David Weil. The spy drama is slate to release on April 28.

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