My Baby, my Bomma, Jackqueline: Conman Sukesh wishes ‘Easter’ to Jacqueline Fernandez from Tihar Jail

Jailed conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who is lodged at Delhi’s Tihar Jail currently, has penned yet another letter to actress Jacqueline Fernandez, wishing the actress ‘Happy Easter.’

In the latter, he mentioned seeing her latest advertisement and said that revealed that he was thinking about her while watching the ‘Lux Cozy’ ad.

“My Baby, my Bomma, Jackqueline, Baby I wish you a very Happy Easter! It’s one of your festivals of the year and your love for Easter eggs,” he wrote.

Sukesh further admitted that Jacqueline is the most pretty and beautiful girl in the world.

“Do you have any idea how pretty and beautiful you are my baby. There is no one as pretty as you in this planet. My bunny rabbit, I love you, my baby. You and me forever come what may, mine forever,” his letter read.

Sukesh promised Jacqueline Fernandez ‘next Easter’ would be her best before he dedicates a song to her.

“I also was thinking a lot about you when I was hearing the new version of Tu Mile, aur Dil Khile aur Jeene Ko Kyaa Chahiye,” he adds.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, the prime accused in the Rs. 200-crore money laundering case, has been charged with duping the wife of former Ranbaxy owned Shivinder Singh, Aditi Singh, while he was lodged in Tihar jail.

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