Muslim Boy Stabbed in Hate Crime By US Landlord Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

In Washington, USA, a 71-year-old landlord, Joseph Czuba, faces murder and hate crime charges for a brutal attack on a Muslim woman and a six-year-old boy.

The child, with 26 stab wounds, tragically lost his life, while the 32-year-old woman is expected to survive. Authorities link the attack to the Israel-Hamas conflict, indicating the victims were targeted due to their Muslim identity.

The incident occurred in Will County, Illinois, around 40 miles from Chicago. While the victims’ nationality was undisclosed by the sheriff’s office, the Chicago Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) identified the child as Palestinian-American.

Despite the assault, the woman managed to call 911. Both victims were found with multiple stab wounds, with a military-style knife recovered from the boy’s abdomen during the autopsy.

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Czuba, the alleged assailant, was charged with murder, attempted murder, and two hate crimes. The woman reported that he knocked on her door, attempted to choke her, and made hateful comments.

US President Joe Biden strongly condemned the boy’s killing as a “horrific act of hate.” This incident underscores the profound impact of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, causing international concern and immense grief in affected communities.

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