Mini Mathur reveals why she quit Indian Idol after hosting for six seasons

Mini Mathur became household name with her superb anchoring in hit TV show Indian Idol. Mathur hosted Indian Idol for six seasons, starting from the first, but decided to quit the show when she realised that show had lost its essence.

In an appearance on Cyrus Broacha’s podcast, Mini said that she grew attached to the contestants and even used to invite them for dinner.

“I was truly invested in every single person. Even when the cameras stopped rolling, I didn’t drop my smile. They would come to my house for dinner. I would sit with them for hours,” Mathur revealed.

The actress turned TV host further claimed that Indian Idol could not maintain its essence, and after a while it was just about earning money.

“I called it quit only when I realised that now, there is no longer real reality. I did six seasons. After that, it was just a question of making money, but by then, the husband had started making money…I really didn’t appreciate that reality had become constructed,” she added.

She further recalled one of the moments which let her feel dejected with the show.

“Our producers would walk up to me and say, ‘Abhi who Dharam ji aur Hema aa rahe hain, unka moment karna hain’ I said, ‘Moment karte  hain ke hota  hain? Can you leave it to my experience to create something which will move them, maybe? This is not something I am going to, and of course, it was not just idol, I did a lot of stuff after that. And it all had the same chappa (stamp),” she concluded.

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