Mini Mathur revealed why she never took ‘Khan’ as her surname after marrying Kabir Khan

Mini Mathur has once again proved that she is perfect role model for all the girls out there in the world fighting out so many social norms. 

A day after her husband Kabir Khan spoke about their inter-faith marriage, Mini Mathur addressed why never took ‘Khan’ as a surname after tying the knot with Kabir’s 25 years ago. 

While speaking with Cyrus Broacha on matter’s podcast, Mathur revealed that she would never change her surname in any case or under any condition because ‘Mini Mathur is her identity.’

Mathur revealed that she faced red-taped because of her decision to not change her surname, especially when it comes to paperwork. 

Mathur also credited her husband Kabir Khan as the latter backed her on her decision, and revealed that changing name would add more challenges in her life as it would require lot of hassle to change her name in all the documents like passport, bank details or etc. 

“For me, it was very simple. My identity was Mini Mathur much before I married to Kabir Khan, so I don’t see why his name’s support. And also, it was his suggestion. He said, ‘Bank change karna padega, passport change krna padega, Bahot complicated hain.’ 

She further suggested all the girls out there that they should remain their original name, although they could run into trouble because of this. 

“When you walk into passport office, especially in Maharashtra, they are like ‘Aapka naam Mini Suresh Mathur hone chahye ya phir Mini Kabir Khan hona chahye’ because with your husband’s name in the middle, you’re nobody. I have fought and tough and fought and I still don’t keep my father or brother’s name anywhere,” she added. 

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