Thrilling Experience: Michelle Lee Reflects On Epic Towel Fight Scene In ‘Tiger 3’

The highly anticipated ‘Tiger 3,’ starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi, is poised to ignite the Diwali festivities with its theatrical release on November 12.

Adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to the mix, the film features the talented actress Michelle Lee, renowned for her prowess in shooting exhilarating fight sequences alongside A-list stars such as Scarlett Johannson in ‘Black Widow,’ Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ Brad Pitt in ‘Bullet Train,’ and Tom Hardy in ‘Venom.’

Notably, ‘Tiger 3’ showcases her exceptional skills in a jaw-dropping action sequence – the towel fight scene set within a Turkish hammam.

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Michelle Lee’s not surprised that the towel fight sequence has captured the audience’s imagination, becoming a hot topic surrounding ‘Tiger 3’s’ trailer. She reveals that her and Katrina’s dedication to the sequence was intense, involving over two weeks of meticulous rehearsals.

Describing the viral towel fight, Michelle Lee comments, “I’m not surprised. I thought it was pretty epic when we were shooting it. We learned and practiced the fight for a couple of weeks before shooting. The set design was absolutely stunning, and the fight itself was a thrilling experience. Working on an international film like this was truly wonderful.

When it comes to Katrina Kaif, Michelle lauds her for being graceful and a consummate professional. She commends Katrina for her unwavering commitment to precise movements and seamless choreography. It’s evident that Katrina’s background in choreography made their collaboration exceptionally smooth.

As for the challenges faced during the hammam sequence, Michelle Lee reveals, “One of the primary challenges was undoubtedly the wardrobe! Our towels had to remain securely in place, and given the dynamic movements and fight choreography, it was indeed a challenging task. At certain points, we even had to have the towels sewn shut to prevent any mishaps.

She adds, “Another challenge was maintaining the perfect distance while striking each other. The action needed to appear close enough to be intense and thrilling, yet far enough to avoid causing any harm. Just imagine if I actually hit her! But rest assured, I’m a seasoned professional, so everything went seamlessly. Neither of us sustained any injuries, and we managed to create a captivating scene for the camera.”

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