Measles scare? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

A measles outbreak in Mumbai and other parts of the country has brought back the old memories of COVID infection, which is still afresh for many. Mumbai has reported more than 200 cases in the past two months, and at least 13 children have lost their lives.

The new numbers indicate towards big jump from the last few years – 10 cases and one death in 2021; 29 and zero death in 2020; 37 cases and three deaths in 2019. As per a report published in Indian Express, state government data (Mumbai) confirms that only 41 per cent of the eligible children have been inoculated against measles in Mumbai. To understand the gravity of the measles infection, and learn about the ways to tackle, The Quotes spoke to Dr. Trupti Gilida, Infectious Diseases Physician, Unison Medicare and Research Centre, in Mumbai.

What is measle virus?

Dr. Trupti Gilida told The Quotes that measles is a common viral illness in children, and it’s a completely vaccine-prevented infection.

“In order to completely eradicate the measle, consistency and high-frequency vaccination very crucial. Weak immunity is one of the major reasons a body might get infected with measles. In the Universal Immunisation Programme, kids of 9 and 15 months and 5-year-old kids receive immunity,” she explained.

“When kids are not vaccinated for measles, even one case of measles will responsible for transmission to others very quickly, as a susceptible kid will attract the virus. Secondary attack of measle is very high, almost 90 per cent,” D,” Dr. Gulida. Also, certain pockets in a city with low immunity among the kids are experiencing the most number of measle cases.


When measles affects kids, he/she will experience nausea, fever, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, inflamed eyes and neurological complications.

These symptoms are easily visible in the weaker section of society due to lack of vaccination and malnourishment.

The measles rashes start from the back of the ears and spread in other parts of the body in the Cephalocaudal (From head to chest, abdominal, and toe) manner, explains Dr. Gulida.

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The possibility of an adult getting infected with measles is significantly less, and complications are very mild. Isolation is one of the early and primary precautions that should be followed very strictly. Parents must ensure to keep their kids protected from any exposure.

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