Mandatory hijab will only push Iranian women away from Islam: Iranian male journo

The social media platforms are oozing with heartwarming videos from Iran. The majority of the section in the country is currently revolting over the death of a young woman held by the morality police, reportedly for not wearing a hijab properly. The outrage among all walks of society has gotten intense in a couple of days, and several videos are emerging from Iran where girls, men and women can be seen voicing their rage over the draconian law of mandatory rule of donning the Hijab. 

The deceased, Masha Amini, was on a family trip to Tehran when the country’s morality police detained a 22-year-old, aka gasht-e ershad (guidance patrols), for “improper” Hijab, an Islamic headscarf which Iranian women must wear by law. According to reports, officers severely beat the young Kurdish woman and struck her several times on the head. She later collapsed and was taken to hospital in a coma. On 16 September, three days later, she died. Meanwhile, Iranian authorities have claimed she had a fatal heart attack, but her family says she was perfectly healthy. In several video messages, Iranian women have admitted that ongoing outrage over Hijab is a symbolic dissent against an oppressive regime that intends to underplay women’s rights in the country.

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On a request for anonymity, an Iranian journalist told The Quotes that the idea of a mandatory Hijab would only push people away from the belief in Islam. “Iran is already going through economic turbulence, and amidst all, the massive protest against the regime will make things worst. But the revolution never comes with a warning. The growing dissent will force many to move away from Islam or define the new chapter in the country,” he said. The journo further shared that protest will be only impactful if it maintains similar intensity; otherwise, any change is unlikely.

“Iranian regime is very stubborn. Although there is a huge support for the ongoing dissent, experts believe it will fail to extract any result from it,” a journalist added.

Meanwhile, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, currently attending the UN General Assembly session in New York, termed the protest ‘vandalism’ and demanded better observation of the ongoing situation in the country. “We must differentiate between demonstrators and vandalism,” he said.

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