Make Documentary On Quran And See What Happens: Allahabad HC To Adipurush Makers

The Allahabad High Court on Wednesday dared Adipurush filmmakers to make a short documentary on Quran depicting wrong facts while hearing a petition seeking ban on the movie. Notably, since the release of the movie, Adipurush is gaining wide criticism from all corners for his below-par VFX and poor dialogues.

Aaap logo ko Quran, Bible ko bhi nahi touch karna chahiye. Mein yeh clear kar dun ki kisi ek dharm ko mat touch kariey. Court ka koi religion nahi hain (You must not touch the Quran or the Bible. Let me clarify that you must not touch any religion. Please don’t show religions in the wrong light. The court has no religion,” a bench of Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan and Shree Prakash Singh said.

If you make even a short documentary on the Quran depicting wrong things, you will see what can happen,” the court orally suggested. The Allahabad High Court on Wednesday urged the filmmakers to stay away from religious texts and to not make movies about them.

The court also directed the Information and Broadcasting Ministry and the Central Board of Film Certificate (CBFC) to submit personal affidavits in response to pleas seeking the ban. The court also instructed the producer of the movie to appear in court stating that the matter is ‘no joke.’

Several characters of the Ramayan are worshipped and how have they been portrayed in the film. The film was released on June 16 and so far nothing has bee done. What will happen in three days?” court noted.

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