Love Jihad is not a Small issue like Potholes, Sewage and Roads – BJP MP

A Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Karnataka, is facing flak from all quarters for prioritizing issues like ‘love jihad’ over road and sewage problems.

While addressing a party worker at Booth Vijaya Abhiyan in Mangaluru on Monday, Nalin Kumar Kateel, BJP MP urged everyone to not speak about small issues like roads and sewage.’

“Don’t discuss that Vedavyasa didn’t raise his hands like Vidhan Soudha. Don’t say that Nalin Kumar does not have the right to raise the issue. You are not going to get gold from Nalin Kumar Kateel rights,” Mr. Kateel said.

The parliamentarian further suggested that if you want to protect your children’s future from Love Jihad, ‘then we need Bhartiya Janata Party.’ Meanwhile, Karnataka Congress Chief DK Shivkumar slammed BJP MP by stating that the Mr. Kateel has given the worst answer and wants to divide the country.

“They are not looking at the development, they are looking at hatred and dividing the country. We want job creation, and worried about the daily living of people,” Mr. Shivkumar added.

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