Kerala Nurse Injured In Hamas Attack In Israel During Video Call With Husband

Israel: In a concerning turn of events, Sheeja Anand, a nurse from Kerala working in Israel, was injured during an attack by the Palestinian terror group Hamas. Anand, who had been in Israel for seven years.

Sheeja was in the midst of a video call with her husband in India when the attack occurred.

Despite the turmoil, Anand assured her family in India that she was safe during the initial stages of the attack. Her husband and two children reside in India, with her husband working in Pune.

Additionally, over 200 individuals from Kerala find themselves stranded in a Bethlehem hotel but are currently safe. They were attending mass when they heard air raid sirens, leading them to stay at the hotel. Their scheduled departure for Egypt on Monday has been postponed due to the circumstances.

Furthermore, 45 people from Kochi are reportedly stranded in a hotel in Palestine but have received permission to cross the border safely.

The Indian Ambassador to Israel and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan have been made aware of the situation in Israel. This crisis stems from a surprise and unprecedented attack launched by Hamas, which fired thousands of rockets into Israel.

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In response, Israel declared war on the terror group, further intensifying the situation.

As the situation unfolds, the safety and well-being of Indian citizens in the region remain a top priority, with authorities closely monitoring the developments.

With inputs from India Today..

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