Kafas Actress Mona Singh Opens Up On Dealing With Casting Couch In Her Initial Days

Actress Mona Singh recently revealed how she dealt with casting couch experience when she was trying to make big during her initial days of auditioning in Mumbai. Singh is currently receiving lot of applause for her work in web-series Kafas.

While speaking to India Today, Mona Singh revealed how she felt uncomfortable in few situations and only thought of getting out of such situations.

It was the time when I used to come from Pune to Bombay for auditions. I did meet a couple of people who made me feel uncomfortable and really weird and horrible,” she said. She further explained how girls – be it of any age and regardless of their vulnerability – are always right with their instinct.

I just knew that I am in a very uncomfortable situation and I thought of how do I get out of there and save myself? That was the only thing going on in my mind,” she added.

The actress also gave a valuable advice to all the aspirants as she said that it’s important not to get discourages by such incident and keep pursuing your dream.

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