J&K teacher suspended for criticizing government on social media 

A government school teacher in Jammu and Kashmir has been suspended for a social media post criticizing the government. 

Identified as Joginder Singh, a schoolteacher in Ramadan district, allegedly posted some comments reportedly critical of policies  of administrations in Union Territories. 

According to reports, Mr. Singh was operating four Facebook pages. On two pages, he has given his designation as a ‘teacher’ while on the other two, he called himself ‘socio-political activist. 

“We have found the teacher posting various posts criticizing and commenting adversely about the government policies on his Facebook page. He has concealed his identity in two Facebooks account and also made FB id with a designation of socio-political activist, and not a government teacher,” report added. 

A week earlier, government in Jammu and Kashmir warned government employees to avoiding criticizing the government on social media. 

The circular issued by the administration, Mr. Singh was suspended for violating government directions ‘regarding criticism of policies’ on social media platforms. 

Earlier, Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Meht had asked all the administrative secretaries to monitor social media activities of their employees and identify the ones criticizing or commenting adversely on policies and achievements of the government. 

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