Jesy Nelson starts ‘loving her chubby belly’ after winning insecurity battle

jesy nelson
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Jesy Nelson, has opened up on starting to ‘love’ herself after coping up with her own struggles, and admitted that she is ‘now happy to embrace what previously were hang-ups.’

In her recent Insta live, the former Little Mix singer has admitted to having an insecurity battle in the past, having been trolled for her being overweight since the beginning of her career on The X-Factor.

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Notably, 31-year-old pulled herself back from the spotlight last year to regroup and recharge, but claimed that she is in a better mental space in regards with the acceptance of her body. 

“In the past year I have been focusing on my music, doing the things that I love, I have really learnt to love just noticed traits in me that I never thought would happen,” the Boyz singer said.

Hilariously, she further said, “Like little things, I used to wear my trousers up here like Simon Cowell and now they are doing here and I am embracing the little pot chub belly and I just love it. I don’t care anymore.”

“What I wanted to say is whether you are chubby or skinny or big or whatever, just bloody embrace it because life is far too short to give a sh**t what anyone thinks,” Nelson added.

“And I know it’s so much easier said than done, but the day you stop caring is the day you start bloody living. Let’s all embrace the pot bellies and eat more!” she concluded.

The renowned singer further urged her ‘angels’ to send new tattoos suggestions as she is getting new tattoos next week. “Send me your ideas and whatever one I love the most I’ll get it tatted on me,” she informed. 

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