Israel Targets Ambulance Convoy Outside Gaza Hospital: Palestinian Health Ministry

GAZA: Palestinian health authorities, controlled by Hamas, have reported an incident where Israel struck a convoy of ambulances outside Gaza hospital on Friday.

The ambulances were intended to leave al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and travel to the southern part of the enclave for the evacuation of injured individuals.

The Israeli military spokesperson stated that they are investigating the report.

The convoy was reportedly targeted in multiple locations, both at the hospital gate and at Ansar Square, located approximately a kilometer away from the hospital. No specific casualty figures were provided by Ashraf al-Qidra, the spokesperson for the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa television cited the Health Ministry, reporting that there were scores of people killed and injured, while Al-Shehab television, also affiliated with Hamas, mentioned several casualties.

Earlier on the same day, it was announced that ambulances would be transporting critically injured Palestinians in need of urgent care from besieged Gaza City to the southern part of the enclave.

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