India’s pilot bullet train project will be revolution like Maruti Suzuki – Japanese Ambassador. Check Details of the project!

India's bullet train
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The India Japanese bullet train project will become a high-speed rail revolution just like Maruti Suzuki, once the project is completed, believes Hiroshi Suzuki, Japanese envoy to India. The Japanese ambassador lauded the team spirit of Indian and Japanese workers for the high-speed rail project.

When I came here and saw the spirit, the Japanese team and the Indian team are working so closely together. In my eyes, this is a revolution underway. So that’s why I said the Maruti Suzuki revolution and after that Delhi Metro revolution. I am convinced that this will be yet another high-speed rail revolution when the project is complete, “Suzuki told ANI.

Trial run in 2026:

Meanwhile, the managing director of National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), Rajendra Prasad has shown confidence of India’s first bullet train is most likely to be completed by 2027. He confirmed that the trial run will be completed by June 2026 between Surat to Bilimora, the construction work is under process and 220 km of piling is completed so far.

Speaking of India-Japan collaboration in the project, Mr. Prasad claimed that the Japan Shinkansen train he zero fatalities and has a track record of safety. “Japan’s quality is known to the world. Our engineers will also receive training in Japan,” said the officer.

About India’s first bullet train project:

The first bullet train project in the country will connect Mumbai with the city of Ahmedabad. The ceremony for the commencement of work took place on 14 September 2017.

As per the agreement signed between India and the Japanese government, the Government of Japan will provide a soft load of about Rs. 88,000 crores at a minuscule interest rate of 0.1 per cent for this revolutionary rail project in the country.

Meanwhile, the repayment period of the loan is 50 years. Notably, the repayment of the loan will begin after 15 years of receiving the loan.

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