Impetus to Swachh Mobility Abhiyan: Yogi Cabinet approves new E.V. Manufacturing policy

By Indraneel Chakrabarty: Uttar Pradesh cabinet, under the able leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has approved the new E.V. Manufacturing and Mobility Policy – 2022. With this Policy, the state government is willing to provide a large-scale subsidy for purchasing electric vehicles. Those driving electric vehicles will be exempted from road tax for five years, provided it is a state-manufactured electric vehicle. The government has announced an investment of Rs. 30,000 crores and 10 lakh employment. 

Apart from developing an eco-friendly transport system in the state, Yogi Adityanath’s government wishes to establish Uttar Pradesh as a global manufacturing hub of electric vehicles, batteries and related equipment. To increase investment in the state, a budget of Rs. 500 crores has also been announced for the consumers and manufacturing companies of electric vehicles and their batteries and related equipment.

According to the announcement, the purchase of electric vehicles in the state will be capped with a subsidy of 15% – up to:

  1. Rs. 5,000/vehicle for the first 2 lakh two-wheeled electric vehicles.
  2. A maximum of Rs.12,000 for the first 50,000 three-wheeled electric vehicles.
  3. Rs. 1 lakh/vehicle for the first 25,000 four-wheeled electric vehicles.

Simultaneously, a subsidy of up to Rs 20 lakh/e-bus will be given on the first 400 buses purchased in the state. Also, a subsidy of 10% on the factory price will be given to a maximum of 1000 e-goods carriers for purchasing e-goods carriers up to 1,00,000/vehicle.

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Post-announcement, Mr Satish Jain, President of PMI Electro Mobility, lauded the state government for creating a holistic environment to promote the use of electric vehicles and ensuring thrust to clean public transport systems.

“In conjunction with public transport, the government is paving the way for promoting electrification of school buses and ambulances, besides increasing E.V. manufacturing. It’s a welcome step from the state government, as it’ll increase the total share of E.V.s and give impetus to the state’s Swachh Mobility Abhiyan,” said Mr Jain. 

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