How Nitish Kumar is helping gangster-turned politician Anand Mohan to come out of the jail

The end of Atiq Ahmed’s terror in Prayagraj and nearby areas has once again brought the issues of how politicians and system nurture gangsters, and later, make them more powerful by letting them part of legislature.

Amid debate over who’s who helped Atiq Ahmed to become MLA, and then MP, Nitish Kumar-led government in Bihar is secretly paving way for the release of former MP Anand Mohan Singh, accused of brutally killing an IAS officer in Bihar.

As reported by The Print, on April 10, the government in Bihar notified an amendment to the Bihar Prison Manual that deleted the cause which restricted the prisoners who killed government officials from releasing over a ‘good behaviour.’

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Notably, Aanand Mohan is currently serving life imprisonment for the murder of an IAS officer G. Krishnaiah in 1994. Krishnaiah, then Gopalganj district magistrate was lynched by a mob, allegedly provoked by the gangster turned politician, on the outskirts of Muzaffarpur.

Meanwhile, former IAS officer Amitabh Das expressed his displeasure with the amendment and claimed that state government changed the law to help the murderer.

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“The Dalit IAS officer Krishnaiah was lynched while he was on duty and proceedings to Hajipur from Goaplganj on December 5, 1994,” Das told The Print.

He has also informed that he wrote a letter to Bihar governor Rajendra Arlekar requesting him to intervene as the amendment ‘would demoralise government employees in Bihar.’

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