How Many Muslim Countries He Has Attacked: Def. Min. Rajnath Singh Hits Back At Former US Prez Barack Obama

Day after country’s finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman hit back at former US President Barack Obama for his comment on India’s ethnic minority during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday, June 26 took turn to show mirror to the former US president.

Obama ji should not forget that India is the only country which considers all the people living in the world as family members. He should also think about himself as to how many Muslims countries he has attacked,” the minister said at an event in Jammu.

Earlier on Saturday, senior BJP leader Nirmala Sitharaman accused Barack Obama for ‘bombing six-Muslims dominated countries’ during his tenure.

At the time when PM Modi was on his maiden state visit to the United States, Obama in an interview with CNN suggested Joe Biden to raise the issue of ‘ethnic minorities’ in India.

If you don’t protect the rights of the ethnic minorities in India, there is strong possibility that India would be at some point start pulling apart,” Obama said.

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