How long will you teach him?: BJP takes dig at Rahul Gandhi after Jairam Ramesh corrected him in press conference

The Bhartiya Janta Party has taken a new jibe at the Congress after party lead Jairam Ramesh was seen correcting Rahul Gandhi during a press conference on Thursday.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who attended Parliament on Thursday after he arrived a day earlier from abroad, addressed the media on growing controversy related to his speeches in London.

“Unfortunately, I am a member of Parliament and as the allegation has been made in Parliament by four ministers, it is my democratic right to have an opportunity to speak,” Mr. Gandhi said.

Meanwhile, Jairam Ramesh who was sitting next to Rahul Gandhi, leaned towards Rahul Gandhi and advised him to tweak his words in order to avoid scrutiny from BJP.

“They will make a joke of you. Say ‘unfortunately for you.” Jairam Ramesh can be heard saying in the video. Rahul Gandhi immediately corrected himself and said that he ‘want to make it clear ‘unfortunately for you.’

The BJP was quick to take a dig at the Congress and its leader as they tweeted the video by writing, ‘After all, how much and for how long will you teach him?” said BJP Leader Sambit Patra.

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