Honour Killing: 22-year-old YouTube star killed by her father, massive outrage in Iraq

An alleged murder of a 22-year-old social media influence in Iraq has sparked a massive outrage over the ongoing and unfortunate culture of honour killing, in the country.

According to interior minister spokesperson Saad Maan, Tiba al-Ali was murdered by her father on January 31 in the southern province of Diwaniya. A report published in The Independent, Ali’s father was upset over her decision to live alone in Turkey.

In a series of tweets, Mr. Maan informed that local authorities tried to mediate between Ali and her family.

“We were surprised the next day when we learned about her killing at the hands of her father,” Mr. Maan confirmed. Ms. Ali was a famous YouTuber and used to share about her day-to-day affair.

The police have also informed that the dispute between Ali and her father sparked around 2017, when she travelled with her family to Turkey but never returned from there.

Meanwhile, an audio clip is going viral on the internet where Ali can be heard getting into an argument with her father. “My brother sleeps with me. Is it easy for you?” she was heard shouting at her father. While her father expresses his displeasure of the fact that she stays in Turkey.

Ali’s murder has triggered widespread anger in Iraq and many are calling out such oppressive mindset and culture in the society.

Taking to Twitter, activist Ala Talabani wrote, ‘women in our societies are hostage to backward customs due to the absence of legal deterrent and government measures – which currently are not commensurate with the size of domestic violence crimes. Yes to legislating the Anti-Domestic Violence Law.’

Amnesty International also condemned the “horrific” killing.

No Law to criminalise domestic violence:

As reported by Aljazeera, there are no laws in Iraq criminalising domestic violence. A draft domestic violence law was first introduced to parliament in 2014, but could not progress as there was widespread political opposition from legislators who believe it would ‘erode Iraq’s social fabric.’

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