His word hit me home: Virat Kohli reveals  Dhoni’s message during lean patch

The Virat Kohli-MS Dhoni bond is hidden to none. Both the former captains of Indian cricketer team and among the greatest match winners, played along side each other for a majority part of their career and over the period the duo build special bond with each other. 

In a fresh development, Virat Kohli has opened on his repo with world-cup winning captain and how latter helped him to get over with a dark phase in professional life. 

While speaking at RCB Podcast, Virat Kohli revealed that after Anushka, childhood coach and his family, ‘the only person who genuinely reached out to him was MS Dhoni.’

“He reached out to me and you can rarely get in touch with him. If I call him on any random day, 99 percent he will not pick up the phone because he just does not look at the phone. So, for a guy like him to reach out twice means a lot. He’d mentioned in the message that ‘when you are expected to be strong and looked at as a strong individual people forget to ask how are you doing,” Kohli said. 

The dynamic batter further revealed that Dhoni’s words ‘hit home’ to him as he has always looked up to him. “Sometimes, what you realize is that at any given point of time in life as a human being you need to take a couple of steps backwards, understand how you are doing, how your well-being is placed,” concluded Kohli. 

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