Hindutva encourages murder, violence and discrimination: Conress leader: Siddaramaiah

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Former Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Monday said that he was not anti-Hindu but anti-Hindutva, stating that the latter encourages ‘murder, violence and discrimination.’

“Hindutva and Hindu Dharma are different. I am always projected as anti-Hindu and anti-Hindu Dharma. I am not anti-Hindu Dharma. I am also a Hindu, but I am an anti-Manuvada and Hindutva,” Siddaramaiah was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

“Does any religion encourage murder or violence? But Manuvada and Hindutav encourage murder, violence and discrimination. That’s the difference between Hindu Dharma and Hindutva,” Mr. Siddaramaiah added while addressing a gathering in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi during a book launch.

Earlier, weeks ago, January 8, Mr. Siddaramaiah claimed that he is a Hindu opposed to Hindutva. He further stated that he is not opposed to Ram temple in Ayodhya, but was against the idea of using it for political gains. Mr. Siddaramaiah claimed that he constructed many Ram Temples in the rural area of Karnataka.

“Were we ever opposed to the Ram temple? Our objection is only using the temple for political gain. It should not be used against people of other faiths. The BJP is using it for political gains,” he said.

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