Hamas Terrorist Were High On Psychoactive Drugs During Deadly Attack On Israel: Report

JERUSALEM: The October 7th surprise attack by Hamas on Israel, which resulted in the death of over 1,400 Israelis, has been linked to the influence of a psychoactive drug, as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

The terrorists involved were reportedly under the effects of Captagon, a synthetic amphetamine-type stimulant.

Many of the Hamas terrorists killed in Israel were found with Captagon pills in their pockets, according to The Jerusalem Post.

This drug, often dubbed ‘cocaine for the poor,’ is believed to have provided the terrorists with a sense of calmness and indifference when committing their crimes. It also helped them maintain extreme vigilance for extended periods and suppressed their appetite.

The Gaza region, in particular, has become a significant market for Captagon, especially among young individuals, The Jerusalem Post revealed.

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Key Points:

The surprise attack by Hamas on Israel, resulting in significant casualties, has been linked to the use of the psychoactive drug Captagon.

Captagon pills were discovered on the terrorists, providing them with a sense of calmness and heightened alertness.

Gaza, and the Middle East in general, has seen a growing use of Captagon, which is both affordable and easily accessible.

The drug’s production is linked to income sources for Syria and is supported by Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Lebanese group.

Captagon’s addictive nature and potential for causing psychotic reactions have not deterred its use, as it remains affordable and easily available, particularly in war-torn regions.

In wealthier nations, the drug may cost up to $20 per pill, whereas it can be bought for as little as $1 or $2 in poorer countries.

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