WATCH: Hamas Infiltrator Uses Motorised Hang Glider To Breach Israeli Airspace

Israel: A video depicting an alleged infiltrator from the Palestinian outfit Hamas using a motorised hang glider to breach Israeli airspace has surfaced on social media.

While the video’s authenticity cannot be independently verified, it emerged amid heightened tensions, leading Israel to declare a ‘state of war.’

In what is being described as one of the most significant attacks on Israel in recent years, Hamas, the Islamist movement, initiated a barrage of 5,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.

The scale and intensity of this attack have shaken the region and raised concerns about the potential for further escalation.

Hamas military commander Mohammad Deif declared the operation’s commencement, proclaiming, “This is the day of the greatest battle to end the last occupation on earth.”

He made this announcement through a broadcast on Hamas media, urging Palestinians everywhere to join the fight.

The video of the infiltrator and the subsequent rocket attacks underscore the volatile situation in the region, with both sides engaged in military actions and rhetoric.

International observers are closely monitoring the developments, hoping for a de-escalation of hostilities to prevent further loss of life and increased instability in the area.

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