Google Emerges As Most Meaningful Brand In India; Amazon and YouTube Next

Mumbai: Google has emerged as the most meaningful brand in India, followed by Amazon and YouTube – in the Meaningful Brands 2023 Report by global communication agency Havas.

The report stated that Google’s presence in everyday financial transactions via Google Pay has helped the individuals in achieving their goals and aspirations.

The survey spoke to over 91,000 people across 10 markets and 42 categories.

Key findings:

The study indicates that 73% brands today could disappear without consumers caring – demonstrating the need for brands to establish personnel connection and relevance with consumers.

67% of people prioritized purpose-driven brands over profit-driven brands.

68% people said they would stop buying from firms that don’t respect the planet or society.

The Havas’ study also stated that Indian customers believe brands should contribute to their health and well-being, both physically and mentally.

Consumers are demanding brands that go-beyond profit driven motives, and instead contribute positively to their well-being.


The 2023 report emphasizes on the concept of Me-conomy – emphasizing on brands that focus on individuals and making a meaningful difference in their lives.

Guide to empower, engage and enable their consumers:

Sanchita Roy, Chief Strategic Officer at Havas Media India states the findings as guide for brands to enable, engage and empower their consumers.

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