French President Emmanuel Macron Blames Video Games For Riots, Arson And Clashes; Seeks Parents’ Help

Following widespread violence and arson over the death of 17-year-old boy from the minority community in France, President Emmanuel Macron on Friday blamed social media and video games for the tensed situation in his country from three nights.

While speaking during a crisis meeting held to discuss the ongoing clashes between minorities and the security forces in the country, Macron said that it looks like some of them are ‘re-living in the streets the video games that have intoxicated them.’

Urged parents to keep their children home:

The President also requested parents in the country to keep their kids inside home citing most of the arrested ones are quite younge.

It is the parents responsibility to keep them at home, and therefore it is important for everyone’s peace of mind that parental responsibility can be fully exercised,” he was quoted by The Guardian.

Riots being organized online:

Emmanuel Macron also claimed that the riots are being organized via social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok and instructed these platforms to immediately remove the ‘most sensitive contents’ related to riots.

We’ve seen them – Snapchat, TikTok and several others.. serve as places where violent gatherings have been organized, but there’s also a form of mimicry of the violence which provokes youngsters away from the reality,” Macron said.

Many arrested aged 14/15:

As quoted by India Today, many arrested are aged between 14 or 15. Meanwhile, over 4000 security forces have been deployed to control to situation while more than 875 have been arrested.

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