Five major points Amit Shah made at the closing ceremony of the 3rd ‘No Mercy for Terror’ conference

While addressing the closing session of the 3rd ‘No Money For Terror’ conference in New Delhi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday spoke about several modes which are indirectly funding terrorism in the world, state-sponsored terrorism, terror haven countries, use of illegal channels, cash couriers and hawala by terror networks.

The 3rd session of the ‘No Mercy Terror Funding’ was attended by 450 delegates from over 75 nations and international organisations. Let’s look at the five major talking points from the closing speech of the Home Minister at ‘No Mercy Terror Funding.’

On Terrorism:

“Terrorism has taken such a formidable form that its effects are visible at every level. Terrorism is the biggest enemy of democracy, human rights, economic progress and world peace, which we cannot allow to succeed. No country or organisation can successfully combat terrorism alone. The international community must fight shoulder-to-shoulder against the increasingly complex and borderless threat.”

India dealing with terrorism:

“India has successfully tackled many challenges, including terrorism. India’s policy of Zero Tolerance against Terrorism, a strong framework of counter-terror laws, and empowerment of agencies has helped the country to establish itself as a real anti-terrorism force. As a result, India has significantly reduced incidences of terrorism and has succeeded in ensuring strict punishment in the case of terrorism.”

Use forensic science in dealing with terrorism:

“Forensic science is being promoted to equip the investigation with science and technology. In this direction, with the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the world’s first National Forensic Science University has been established.”

State sponsored terrorism:

“Some countries, governments, and agencies have made ‘Terrorism’ their State Policy. It is high time to shackle their unrestrained activities with a strict economic crackdown, and all the countries will have to make up their minds on this, rising above their geo-political interests. All nations will have to agree on one standard definition of ‘terrorism’ and terror financing because it is an issue of protecting our citizens and their human and democratic rights; it should not become a political issue.”

A way ahead:

“Identifying various channels and ideate to a practical and workable roadmap against terror financing, identifying its multiple channels. The Home Minster further informed that as an estimate by the IMF and the World Bank, criminals around the world collect around 2 to 4 trillion dollars every year, and a significant part of it goes to fuel terrorism.”

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