Angelo Mathews’ ‘Timed Out’ Dimssial: What Are The Rules

NEW DELHI: In a controversial and unprecedented turn of events, Sri Lanka’s star all-rounder Angelo Mathews faced a surprising dismissal, marked as a “timed out,” during the ongoing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 clash against Bangladesh.

The incident occurred at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi on Monday, November 6, leaving both fans and experts baffled as Mathews became the first cricketer in the history of international cricket to be ruled out in such a manner.

According to the rules laid out by the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club)-:

Law 40.1.1 states that following the fall of a wicket or the retirement of a batter, the incoming batter must be prepared to receive the ball or for the other batter to take the next ball unless time has been called.

This should transpire within three minutes of the dismissal or retirement. Failure to meet this requirement results in the incoming batter being declared out, “timed out.”

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Law 40.1.2 adds that if an extended delay occurs during which no batter takes their place, the umpires will follow the procedure stipulated in Law 16.3 (Umpires awarding a match). In this context, the start of action commences once the initial three-minute timeframe expires.

Moreover, it’s noteworthy that the ICC, in September 2022, updated the regulations concerning the readiness of an incoming batter to face the ball.

In Tests and ODIs, batter is now required to be prepared to take strike within two minutes.

In T20Is, the existing limit of 90 seconds remains unaltered.

Previously, incoming batters had three minutes to assume their positions in ODIs and Tests. However, the recent modification has trimmed this duration.

Any deviation from these provisions empowers the fielding captain to make an appeal for a “timed out” decision, potentially altering the course of a match.

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