Exclusive | Shocked to see no communication between PCB and Rawalpindi’s pitch curator: Wankhede’s pitch curator amid debate over Rawalpindi pitch


In India, we strictly follow what the Board of Control for Cricket in India informs us ahead of any international match, says Mr. Madhukar Botle, senior pitch curator at Wankhede Stadium.

The 1st Test between Pakistan and England saw the best of the batters but simultaneously exposed Rawalpindi Pitch, which turned out to be lifeless wicket. More than 500 runs were scored on Day 1 of the 1st Test, followed by a similar trend on Days 2 and 3 of the Test match.

Earlier this year, the Rawalpindi surface, slapped with demerit points for the nature of the pitch during Australia vs Pakistan earlier this year, once again became the centre of attraction, but for all the wrong reasons.

The situation worsened when Pakistan Cricket Board chief Ramiz Raja admitted that his administration has failed to adopt the modern art of curating competitive pitches, terming Rawalpindi’s surface a ‘dark-age surface.’ While speaking exclusively to The Quotes, Mr. Botle claimed that curators in India don’t do anything fancy and strictly do what BCCI tells them to do.

“We make pitches as per the requirement of the BCCI. Pitches in India are the most competitive and provide great balance to the batters and bowlers. However, every host prepares pitches per their team’s requirement and we follow the same protocol,” says Mr. Botle.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ramesh Mamondkar, another prominent pitch curator at Wankhede Stadium, expressed his shock over the development at Rawalpindi surface, stating that the pitch curator must have interacted with the PCB or captain before building the kind of pitch they have.

“Board and captain must be taken into consideration before building pitches. We go through proper laid down protocol before building surfaces. I was shocked to read Ramiz Raja’s comment,” said Mr. Mamondkar.

Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi, a prolific allrounder of his time, also expressed his shock over Ramiz Raja’s ‘dark ages’ statement claiming that such a statement from the top administrator hampers the board’s reputation.

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“The way Ramiz was speaking. I mean I was shocked to listen to him saying that we cannot make tracks like these. International matches have been going on in Pakistan for such a long time but when we say stuff like these. Ramiz said that he wanted a turning track I feel in this weather it would have been something big,” Afridi said.

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