Epicenter of terrorism is a very diplomatic term, I can use harsher word: EAM S Jaishankar

Calling out Pakistan powered state terrorism, India’s External Affair Minister S Jaishankar has urged the need to use ‘harsher word than epicenter’ to describe seriousness of wrong doings in Indian neighborhood.

While interacting with Australian public broadcaster Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), S Jaishankar was quizzed over the use of non-diplomatic language for Pakistan.

“Before you said it, you are a diplomat but several weeks ago, you called Pakistan, your neighbors, the epicenter of terrisim. This does not sound very diplomatic, does it?” the interviewer asked.

“I did it again today without using the word Pakistan. Because you are a diplomat, it is not that you are untruthful. I could use much harsher words than epicenter. Considering what has been happening to us, I think epicenter is a very diplomatic word,” Mr. Jaishankar said.

The Indian Minister further recalled incidents when Pakistan engineered a terror attack on Indian parliament in 2001, Mumbai terror attack and several others to disrupt peace in India.

Mr. Jaishankar also stated the fact that terrorist camps operate in broad daylight in Pakistan cities, where recruitment and financing is also done with a clear understanding and awareness of the Pakistan state.

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