Eighth Cheetah Dies At Kuno National Park; Check Sequence Of Deaths

Few days after the death of the seventh cheetah brought from South Africa, another Cheetah transferred from Namibia died at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh on Friday.

In past five months, this is eight Cheetah died in the park.

What we know:

As per reports the exact reason of the death if yet not ascertained and officials are investigating the cause of death.

Sequence of deaths.

On Tuesday, another Cheetah – identified as Suraj succumbed to injuries, he sustained during scuffle with one of the Cheetah.

The first Cheetah death was reported on March 27, female Cheetah Sasha had died from a Kidney ailment.

In April, Uday (male cheetah) from South Africa died of Cardiac issues. May witnessed the death of a female cheetah, Daksha from South Africa, breathed her last after a fight with two males.

In March, four cubs were born to Siyaya (Jwala). However, after couple of months, in May, two-month-old cub of Cheetah Siyaya succumbed in Kuno. Days after the death of the first cub, two more cheetah cubs of Siyaya died in the same month.

Earlier, eight cheetahs were brought to India from Namibia and released at Kuno on September 17, last year. In February, 12 more cheetahs were brought in from South Africa, of which six are in the wild and the remaining in various enclosure at Kuno.

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