Does Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak Kannada: Dancer Salman Yusuf Khan reveals interaction with immigration officer at Bangalore airport

In an unfortunate turn of events, known dancer and choreographer Salman Yusuf Khan has revealed that he was subjected to harassment by an immigration officer at Bengaluru airport, while the dancer was on his way to Dubai.

In a confession video posted on his Instagram handle, Salman alleged that an immigration officer interrogated him for not able to speak Kannada language despite being from Bengaluru.

“On my way to Dubai and I meet this immigration officer who speaks to me in Kannada. And I in my broken Kannada try to tell him that I understand the language but can’t speak so well to which he continues to speak in Kannada and shows me my passport and points out my name and my birthplace and my fathers name and his birthplace and has the audacity to tell me that.. you and your father are born in Bangalore and you can’t speak Kannada,” he said.

He further informed that he told the officer that he spent most of his time in Dubai and didn’t spent much time in Bangalore due to which he is not very fluent in Kannada language. “If you cant speak Kannada I can suspect you,” officer replied.


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