Delhi, Other Cities On Alert Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

New Delhi: As tensions escalate between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group, Indian agencies have stepped up the security measures fearing anti-social acitvities. Here are some key developments

Delhi on High Alert:

Delhi has been placed on high alert after receiving warnings from security agencies regarding potential anti-social activities related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Increased police presence on the streets during Friday prayers and around sensitive areas, including the Israeli Embassy and Jewish religious establishments.

Alerts in Other Cities:

Several other cities in India have also been alerted about potential protests in response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

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International Response:

The United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have heightened security around “potential Jewish targets” and “pro-Palestinian protesters” in light of the escalating violence in Israel.

These measures reflect global concerns about the situation, as countries work diligently to maintain order and protect their citizens amid the rising tensions in the Middle East.

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