After US and Canada, China spotted ‘UFO’ over its waters, issues warning to fishermen: Report

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Hours after the United States of America and Canada joined hands to shoot down unidentified aerial threats in the form of antennas equipped with a Chinese balloon and ‘high-altitude object’ flying over Alaska, China has spotted an unidentified flying object over its territory.

According to reports published in The Paper, the Chinese authorities are gearing up to shoot it down and have issued an advisory to fishermen in the area to stay ‘very conscious of any aerial threat.’

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Earlier, the United States shot an unidentified object, the third in the last one week, on Saturday, flying over Canada.

The whole unidentified object-saga started when US-led an operation to shoot down a white-coloured Chinese balloon flying the US airspace.

After shooting down the suspected balloon, the US authorities claimed that it was equipped with ‘multiple antennas capable of connecting and geo-locating communications.’

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In response, China hit back at the United States of America by stating that the balloon was a ‘civilian airship’ which was used for research. Beijing also claimed that it was ‘testing US sincerity in improving and stabilising China-US relations and its way of handling the crisis.’

Meanwhile, the US shot down yet another ‘high-altitude object’ which was flying over Alaska. The operation was closely monitored by US President Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, Canadian President.

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