China influenced Canada’s 2021 Federal election in favour of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes part in a press conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. (REUTERS)

Two investigative journalists in Canada – Robert Fife and Steven Chase – in the national daily, the Globe and Mail – has alleged China’s influence in the 2021 Federal elections in Canada in favour of ruling Liberal Party.

The report based on documents from Canada’s spy agency, Canadian Security Intelligence Service or CSIS – noted that ‘China employed a sophisticated strategy to disrupt Canada’s democracy in the 2021 federal election campaign a Chinese diplomat and their proxies backed the re-election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals – but only to another minority government – and worked against Conservative politicians, unfriendly to Beijing.’

The report added that ‘Beijing was determined that the Conservatives did not win.’ “China employed disinformation campaigns and proxies connected to Chinese-Canadian organisations in Vancouver and the GA (Greater Toronto Arena), which have large mainland Chinese immigrant communities, to voice opposition to the conservatives and favour the Trudeau Liberals,” report mentioned.

Meanwhile, Trudeau on Monday said that he has repeatedly noted that China is trying to interfere in Canadian democracy, including its election. However, he also added that such interference did not impact the results of the Federal polls.

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