Check Transcripts: Karnataka Congress leaders caught making serious allegations against state party chief DK Shivkumar

Forget about other political parties, Congress leaders are themselves leaving no opportunity to bring much embarrassment for decades-old party. Ahead of highly-anticipated Karnataka assembly elections, two Congress party leader from Karnataka were caught on camera discussing alleged bribes taken by the state unit president DK Shivkumar.

It was former Lok Sabha member V.S. Ugrappa and the state unit’s media coordinator M.A. Salim, who were supposed to address a press conference, but before that they dropped a bomb on their own hut.

As reported by The News Minute, the duo talked in Kannada about income tax raids in Karnataka and said ‘an aide of Shivkumar made around Rs. 50 – Rs. 100 crores’ wonder how much Shivkumar himself made.

Check out their controversial conversation and its transcript.

MA Salim: DK has many adjustments. Uppar, G. Shankar, Hanumanthappa who is from Bijapur.

Ugrappa: Uppar is from Bijapur.

Salim: Yes, but he was in S.M. Krishna’s house recently. This is a big scandal. It we start digging his name also will come.

Ugrappa: Let me tell you something.

Salim: Sir you don’t know….is worth Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 crores. If he has made so much money, then imagine how much the other guy has. He is just a collection agent.

Ugrappa: We all were adamant and made him party president. But he is not rising because all these reasons.

Salim: No sir, he is not. He stammers when he speaks. Don’t know If he has low BP or Sugar. You see when he talks.

Ugrappa: This is what I said now.

Salim: Yes, media persons ask me if he is drunk. He is not drunk; this is just his talking style.

Salim: He gets emotional when he speaks. See Siddaramaiah’s body language when he speaks. It is tough. He does not have that.

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