What We Have Achieved Is Unbelievable: Nambi Naryan On Successful Landing Of Chandrayaan-3 – WATCH

Former ISRO scientist Nambi Naryan has hailed Indian Space Research Organisation for overcoming all the obstacles and turning all the failures into favours as Chandrayaan-3 makes successful landing on Moon’s South Pole.

While speaking to ANI, Ex-ISRO scientist said;

What we have achieved is unbelievable…Every failure of Chandrayaan-2 was addressed and rectified, and its failure was used in our favour…

Watch the video here.

Earlier in the day, the renowned scientist also called for global collaboration to carry out interplanetary missions successfully.

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Finally, if you are talking about interplanetary travel, you are not going to do it alone. The entire world will be looking for this opportunity,” he said while speaking to The Republic TV.

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