BSP Chief Mayawati Backs Implementation of Uniform Civil Code; But Against BJP’s Way

Bahujan Samaj Wadi supremo Mayawati on Sunday said that her party supports Uniform Civil Code but she is against the way BJP is implementing it in the country.

The Uniform Civil Code is already mentioned in the constitution. But the constitution does not support imposing it. The BJP should have considered all the dimensions related to the UCC,” BSP Chief said. Watch the video here.

Mayawati also stated that it is not right to politicise the issue and forcefully implement UCC in the country. The comments of the BSP Chief came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated party’s stance on the Uniform Civil Code while addressing the party’s booth workers in Bhopal.

Meanwhile, Parliamentary Standing Committee is likely to hold the discussion on the Uniform  Civil Code on July 3. The government is also expected to table the UCC bill in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament.

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