Breaking || Fresh blood-stained cloth, knife found in Atiq Ahmed’s partially demolished office in Prayagraj

Via India Today

Prayagraj: In a fresh development following Atiq Ahmed’s murder, Prayagraj police has found blood stains inside the partially demolished office of slain-gangster-politician Atiq Ahmed.

As per police forensic team is on its way to collect the samples from Atiq Ahmed’s office. As per India Today, blood stains were found splattered on the stairs, and a piece of white cloth kept on a sofa in the office located in the Chakia area of Prayagraj.

However, is it yet to ascertained whose blood stains they were.

Police investigation in the matter is underway. Notably, Atiq Ahmed was shot dead at point-blank range by three armed assailants while he was taken for medical examination in Prayagraj by a police team. Atiq Ahmed, and his brother Ashraf were accused in Umesh Pal murder case.

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