BJP foundation day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses BJP workers, stresses on party’s committment towards India’s growth

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that Bhartiya Janata Party is committed to fighting corruption and dynasty while addressing his party MPs on the 43rd foundation day.

The Prime Minister said that the nation is above everything for the BJP, and his party is committed to remove India of corruption, nepotism, law and order challenges.

“The BJP gets inspiration from Lord Hanuman to fight corruption, law and order. If we see the whole life of Lord Hanuman, he had ‘can do’ attitude that helped him in bringing all kinds of success,” the Prime Minister said.

‘Baadshahi’ mindset is insulting poor and backwards:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed people with ‘baadshahi’ mindset, adding they have been insulting the poor and backwards, deprived since 2004. Mr. Modi further launched an attack on opposition for ‘playing down’ India’s growth, adding that they mocked the service done to the poor.

Opposition failed to digest BJP’s work:

“The opposition had never imagined that Article 370 would be history one day. They cannot digest the  work BJP is doing. Today, they have become so desperate that they have openly started saying ‘Modi teri kabr khudegi.’

PM drew inspiration from Lord Hanuman:

The Prime Minister also said that the party derives inspiration from Lord Hanuman as he was a selfless man. “Hanuman ji can do anything, does it for everyone, but does not do anything for himself,” he added.

“Our party and our party workers consistently derive inspiration from the values and teachings of Hanuman ji. India has emerged much stronger to face the ocean-like big challenges. On  Hanuman Jayanti, I pray for his blessings to all,” PM Modi said.

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