63% OBC, General 15.52%: Nitish, Lalu And Rahul Call Bihar Caste Census ‘Revolutionary’

Patna: The Bihar Government on October 2 (Gandhi Jayanti) announced the results of caste-based survey in the state.

According to survey (also known as Bihar Jaati Adharit Ganana), the population of Bihar is over 13 crore.

The census made following findings-:

  • Other Backward Classes (OBCs) comprise 63 per cent of the state’s population..
  • Scheduled Castes accounts for over 19 per cent of the 13 crore population…
  • Scheduled Tribes make up for 1.68 per cent..
  • Meanwhile, the upper castes/’savarnas’ form 15.52 per cent of the state’s population.
  • Bhumihars constitute 2.86 per cent of the population..
  • Brahmin comprise 3.66 percent.
  • Kurmis make up for 2.87 per cent of the population..
  • Musahars are at 3 per cent
  • And Yadavs constitute 14 per cent of the population..

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Bihar Chief Minister congratulated the entire team which worked on caste-based enumeration.

“Caste based census not only revealed the castes but also gave information about the economic condition of everyone. On this basis, further action will be taken for the development and upliftment of all sections. Soon a meeting of the same 9 parties of Bihar Assembly will be called regarding the caste based census conducted in Bihar and they will be informed about the results of the caste based census,” he wrote.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi also reacted to the development.

“The caste census of Bihar has revealed that OBC + SC + ST are 84% there. Out of 90 secretaries of the Central Government, only 3 are OBC, who handle only 5% of India’s budget! Therefore, it is important to know the caste statistics of India. The greater the population, the greater the rights – this is our pledge,” he wrote.

Another prominent leader in Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav also called the survey ‘revolutionary step.’

“JP’s dream of complete revolution will be fulfilled only after having the caste census data. Unless the people of the deprived classes come into the mainstream, then whose development will there be?,” he wrote.

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