BIG || 700 Indian students faces deportation risk over fake papers, duped by agent

The 700 Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) has issued deportation notices to over 700 Indian students after their admission offer letters from educational institutions were found to be fake.

According to reports, these fake offer letters were used to get a Canadian via on the pretext of entering for studies.

The shocking development came to the fore when the students applied for permanent residence in Canada after the competition of the duration of their course.

Reports have stated that around 700 students applied for study visas through Education Migration Services, Jalandhar, headed by one Brijesh Mishra. These fake visa applications were filed from 2018 to 2022.

Shockingly, each student was charged between Rs. 16 to Rs, 20 Lakh rupees for all expended, including admission fees for a premier institute. Air tickets and security deposits were not included in the payment to the agent.

Parents of the cheated students tried to contact the agent in Jalandhar, but his office was found to be locked and the calls to his number went unanswered.

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