Bharti Airtel and Apollo Hospitals successfuly conduct India’s first 5G driven colonoscopy

Bharti Airtel and Apollo Hospitals, on Thursday informed that they conducted India’s first 5G-driven, artificial intelligence (AI)-guided colonoscopy trails in collaboration with technology companies HealthNet Global, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Avesha.

“The trail was conducted using AI on Airtel’s 5G technology with ultra-low latency and high processing capabilities that resulted in the direction of colon cancer much faster and with greater accuracy,” Bharti Airtel said in a statement.

As per current protocol, colon cancer is detected through a colonoscopy procedure which is mutual, requires great attention for accuracy and is time consuming, taking 30-40 minutes per case.

How AI will enhance colonoscopy?

The AI-guided colonoscopy procedure helped in image processing in real-time said Bharti Airtel. The technology enables an ‘extra pair of eyes’ for physicians and improves the detection rate of plyps which can vastly improve patient care and save lives.

According to telecom operator, the data was processed by Avesha edge inferencing applications on AWS platforms in real-time which ensured analysis closer to the endpoints.

AI-assisted Colonoscopy Polyp Detection trial help doctors to improve quality of patient care and accuracy of detection rates by capturing data correctly and reducing errors.

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The company further assured that 5G, edge computing and AI can significantly improve patient outcomes by assisting in proper and timely diagnoses.  

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